Why Pursuing Your Habits Is More Important Than Money

Spirituality and religion are completely different topics. To be spiritual means to stay in touch with your inner self, to have a sense of calm about your existence and knowing your purpose. Spirituality is not a science and cannot be pragmatically proven by studies, but its effects on people who practice it are astounding and undeniable.

People travel from other sides of the world in the pursuit of getting to know themselves better, to learn how to achieve inner peace, especially in the western world where we take on so much stress than our mind and body are prepared to tolerate. This is one of the many factors that make pursuing a spiritual path such an appealing endeavor to so many people.

But how do we actually do this? Not everyone can afford to leave their home, their job, and their life for several months or years to go on a spiritual journey in a far away land. Although some people do this, because their circumstances are extreme, most people just want to learn how to mediate and control their mind, to control their thoughts and not get sidetracked or phased by daily transactions.

One of the most underestimated and often overlooked ways to achieve some inner peace and relieve stress is to pursue hobbies. Although we know of hobbies, we almost never look at them from the angle of meditation or inner peace, when in fact, it is one of the best methods of meditation. Meditation does not mean just sitting calmly with your eyes closed and trying to clear your mind. It is anything that keeps your mind and your focus present to the moment and without thinking about the past or the future.

Bec started a similar process when she pursued her beekeeping hobby, which she had always loved for years. At first, it was simply a hobby about taking care of bees, learning how they work together, making sure the hives stay healthy enough to produce honey efficiently etc. As she found more and more pleasure doing this, her hobby became a full-time business, Bec’s BeeHive – Beekeeping supplies. With now an online store selling equipment to people interested in beekeeping throughout Australia, she has turned something that started as a hobby into a full-time income generating business.

She is still doing what she loves, which is beekeeping and running educational sessions such as a workshop teaching beginner beekeepers some of the fundamental things they should know when getting started. So it is not just exploring your likes that you get out of pursuing your hobbies. It is also the financial benefits of getting better at the skill as you do more and more of it, eventually being good enough to make a living out of it.

This motivational video narrated by Alan Watts explains why pursuing your hobbies and activities you like doing in life is so much more important than pursuing monetary gains:

This is just one of many examples where people have succeeded enough to make their hobby a career. And it is certainly something that more people should try and strive for, to be happier. If you are not entirely happy with your job, then ask yourself what you would rather be doing if money was not an issue if you didn’t have any bills and not a worry in the world, what would you occupy your time with? THAT is what you should be doing. And if you are not good enough at it yet to make money from it, then it is time to start doubling down on your efforts and improving your skills.