Using The Internet To Get More People Engaged In Christianity

It seems strange that one would have to say that churches need to emphasize the Bible in order to get more people interested in engaging in Christian practices, but that is the case in these times. Teaching from the Bible surprisingly has fallen into disfavor in many churches in recent times, yet the people want to know more about the Bible. In order for churchgoers to become better Christians, they need to be taught what the Bible says about that.

Reaching People Through Digital Marketing

Christianity is all about faith, and the faith that there is, in believing God. Romans 10:17 says, “So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” That is the ending of a teaching that says that the people must be preached to by a  preacher who is sent, in order for the Word to take hold.

Some churches have taken a new digital approach when trying to get more people to actively practice the Christian faith. They are doing this by trying to reach their potential audience on social media platforms and convey their message online. The meaning and practice of religion get misunderstood and incorrectly communicated very often. Digital broadcasting allows for churches and religious leaders to reach their followers much more efficiently. This is why some churches and other local religious organizations have started using SEO services Melbourne to get more visibility through digital marketing.

Many people think that Christianity is just a philosophy that was made up long ago, but the Bible tells us differently. In actuality, Christianity is the name given to the practice of worshiping God in all His glory because of what His Son Jesus Christ did for mankind on the cross. Jesus died for the sins of mankind that were lost in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were convinced by the Serpent to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, thus condemning mankind forevermore to sin and death.

Using Google’s Nonprofit Ad Grants

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This grant is essentially an initiative by Google and help nonprofit organisations increase their reach and impact online. Churches can quality for the grant and apply to get their Adwords accounts running. If you’re not sure what Adwords itself is, you can learn more about Google Ads here.

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Jesus, who is a part of the Trinity-Godhead, willingly sacrificed his human self to take our place to pay forever for that sin. That is the crux of Christianity. Modern mindset demands that everything is explained, and God does that throughout the Bible by giving proofs that span the ages. These are the living stories of the Bible that the people need to know, in the context with which they can identify. Getting involved in search engine optimization is one of the ways for churches in Melbourne to do this. SEO enables websites to get more visibility and traffic which then leads the foundation for a business (or a church in this case) to convey their message.

For example, the entire book of Isaiah is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Archaeological and historical evidence dates the Dead Sea Scrolls as having been written roughly 200 years before the birth of Christ. In Isaiah 7:14 it says, “The Lord himself will give a sign;  That a virgin shall conceive, and have a son, and his name will be called Immanuel.” This was stated 200 years or so before Jesus was born. This ties to Genesis 3:15 where God is telling Satan that because of his transgression in leading  Adam and Eve to sin, that his head (Satan’s head) will be crushed by the “seed of the woman.”

The woman has no seed, and Satan knew that, so he was trying to figure that one out all the way from the Garden of Eden to Jesus’ resurrection, at which time he became aware of the enormity of what Jesus had done. None is born on this earth without a man and a woman having intercourse or by the sperm of a man uniting with the egg of a woman. Mary, as was the custom of the time, was never left alone, as a 13 or 14-year-old young lady. That was the culture. There was never a time that she could have been alone to be with a man. There was no doubt in the society at that time that she was a virgin.

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