An Introduction to Christianity

If you live anywhere in the western world, you have undoubtedly heard of Christianity. In fact, this religion has touched virtually every part of the world today. However, many people do not know much about it unless they were raised in a church organization. This can lead to a great deal of confusion for those who can only speculate, particularly when you consider that Christianity itself is split into a number of different types of religious celebrations and beliefs.

According to some research, it is the largest religious group in the world with more than two billion people professing to be Christians. The beliefs that guide these people may be drastically different though because there are over thirty-four thousand denominations within the classification of Christianity. Some of these may be virtually unrecognizable to those of other Christian groups.

The history of the religion traces back thousands of years and has the same roots as Judaism and Islam. All three of these religious groups originated in the Middle East and trace their ancestry to Abraham, who was called out by the one true god to follow him and quit believing in the multiple gods that the people of the time believed in.

The first five books of the bible and the old testament stories and prophets are all an integral part of Judaism. The split occurred some two thousand years ago when some of the members of the Jewish community began to worship Jesus Christ as their savior. Many of the Jews did not believe that he was the messiah they had been waiting for and reject the notion of it to this day.

He performed many miracles and there are records of his life recorded in the new testament of the bible. The churches that were formed in various areas had representatives that communicated with one another and they have many of the same basic interpretations of the holy word.

However, there have been many different schools of thought as to how it should be interpreted. In fact, the religion of Islam sprouted up a few hundred years after the start of Christianity. They promote the belief and worship of the one true god rather than worshiping a man who believed in god.

illustration of jesus christ

The movement has spread around the world and divisions continue to take place within the Christian community as to what is and is not considered the right method of practice. For instance, there is a church group that split because some members believed that music was sinful while the others thought that it was a great part of a worship service.

Many different groups have formed due to prophets and those with insight who believed that the current system of worship was lacking in some way. Due to the vast number of worshipers and the varying beliefs, the religion is complex to trace, particularly in the past few hundred years. However, it continues to be a major influence in virtually every aspect of the modern world and will continue to be.