Why Pursuing Your Habits Is More Important Than Money

Spirituality and religion are completely different topics. To be spiritual means to stay in touch with your inner self, to have a sense of calm about your existence and knowing your purpose. Spirituality is not a science and cannot be pragmatically proven by studies, but its effects on people who practice it are astounding and undeniable.

People travel from other sides of the world in the pursuit of getting to know themselves better, to learn how to achieve inner peace, especially in the western world where we take on so much stress than our mind and body are prepared to tolerate. This is one of the many factors that make pursuing a spiritual path such an appealing endeavor to so many people.

But how do we actually do this? Not everyone can afford to leave their home, their job, and their life for several months or years to go on a spiritual journey in a far away land. Although some people do this, because their circumstances are extreme, most people just want to learn how to mediate and control their mind, to control their thoughts and not get sidetracked or phased by daily transactions.

One of the most underestimated and often overlooked ways to achieve some inner peace and relieve stress is to pursue hobbies. Although we know of hobbies, we almost never look at them from the angle of meditation or inner peace, when in fact, it is one of the best methods of meditation. Meditation does not mean just sitting calmly with your eyes closed and trying to clear your mind. It is anything that keeps your mind and your focus present to the moment and without thinking about the past or the future.

Bec started a similar process when she pursued her beekeeping hobby, which she had always loved for years. At first, it was simply a hobby about taking care of bees, learning how they work together, making sure the hives stay healthy enough to produce honey efficiently etc. As she found more and more pleasure doing this, her hobby became a full-time business, Bec’s BeeHive – Beekeeping supplies. With now an online store selling equipment to people interested in beekeeping throughout Australia, she has turned something that started as a hobby into a full-time income generating business.

She is still doing what she loves, which is beekeeping and running educational sessions such as a workshop teaching beginner beekeepers some of the fundamental things they should know when getting started. So it is not just exploring your likes that you get out of pursuing your hobbies. It is also the financial benefits of getting better at the skill as you do more and more of it, eventually being good enough to make a living out of it.

This motivational video narrated by Alan Watts explains why pursuing your hobbies and activities you like doing in life is so much more important than pursuing monetary gains:

This is just one of many examples where people have succeeded enough to make their hobby a career. And it is certainly something that more people should try and strive for, to be happier. If you are not entirely happy with your job, then ask yourself what you would rather be doing if money was not an issue if you didn’t have any bills and not a worry in the world, what would you occupy your time with? THAT is what you should be doing. And if you are not good enough at it yet to make money from it, then it is time to start doubling down on your efforts and improving your skills.

Using The Internet To Get More People Engaged In Christianity

It seems strange that one would have to say that churches need to emphasize the Bible in order to get more people interested in engaging in Christian practices, but that is the case in these times. Teaching from the Bible surprisingly has fallen into disfavor in many churches in recent times, yet the people want to know more about the Bible. In order for churchgoers to become better Christians, they need to be taught what the Bible says about that.

Reaching People Through Digital Marketing

Christianity is all about faith, and the faith that there is, in believing God. Romans 10:17 says, “So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” That is the ending of a teaching that says that the people must be preached to by a  preacher who is sent, in order for the Word to take hold.

Some churches have taken a new digital approach when trying to get more people to actively practice the Christian faith. They are doing this by trying to reach their potential audience on social media platforms and convey their message online. The meaning and practice of religion get misunderstood and incorrectly communicated very often. Digital broadcasting allows for churches and religious leaders to reach their followers much more efficiently. This is why some churches and other local religious organizations have started using SEO services Melbourne to get more visibility through digital marketing.

Many people think that Christianity is just a philosophy that was made up long ago, but the Bible tells us differently. In actuality, Christianity is the name given to the practice of worshiping God in all His glory because of what His Son Jesus Christ did for mankind on the cross. Jesus died for the sins of mankind that were lost in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were convinced by the Serpent to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, thus condemning mankind forevermore to sin and death.

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This grant is essentially an initiative by Google and help nonprofit organisations increase their reach and impact online. Churches can quality for the grant and apply to get their Adwords accounts running. If you’re not sure what Adwords itself is, you can learn more about Google Ads here.

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Jesus, who is a part of the Trinity-Godhead, willingly sacrificed his human self to take our place to pay forever for that sin. That is the crux of Christianity. Modern mindset demands that everything is explained, and God does that throughout the Bible by giving proofs that span the ages. These are the living stories of the Bible that the people need to know, in the context with which they can identify. Getting involved in search engine optimization is one of the ways for churches in Melbourne to do this. SEO enables websites to get more visibility and traffic which then leads the foundation for a business (or a church in this case) to convey their message.

For example, the entire book of Isaiah is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Archaeological and historical evidence dates the Dead Sea Scrolls as having been written roughly 200 years before the birth of Christ. In Isaiah 7:14 it says, “The Lord himself will give a sign;  That a virgin shall conceive, and have a son, and his name will be called Immanuel.” This was stated 200 years or so before Jesus was born. This ties to Genesis 3:15 where God is telling Satan that because of his transgression in leading  Adam and Eve to sin, that his head (Satan’s head) will be crushed by the “seed of the woman.”

The woman has no seed, and Satan knew that, so he was trying to figure that one out all the way from the Garden of Eden to Jesus’ resurrection, at which time he became aware of the enormity of what Jesus had done. None is born on this earth without a man and a woman having intercourse or by the sperm of a man uniting with the egg of a woman. Mary, as was the custom of the time, was never left alone, as a 13 or 14-year-old young lady. That was the culture. There was never a time that she could have been alone to be with a man. There was no doubt in the society at that time that she was a virgin.

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Modern And Traditional Christianity

In the western world, Christianity is, and has for some centuries, been the dominant faith of the people of western civilization. While modern inclusiveness has brought other faiths into the fold peacefully, the fact is that Christianity is the major faith among the people of the western world.

There are, however, many different variations of Christianity, ranging from the incredibly venerable practices of the Coptic Christians of Egypt to the newer, syncretic practices of the Christians of Mexico. While they are all undeniably Christians, there is no denying that their practices are different, and as any theological scholar can tell you, even the most traditional practices of any church are, in many ways, very different from the traditional practices of the faith.

The orthodox churches of Africa and the Middle East arguably maintain the most “traditional” practices of Christianity. A local example of this orthodox faith is the St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne. Ancient practices such as frequent fasting (oftentimes being best described as a vegan diet abstaining from meat and dairy during designated fasting periods, which can sometimes encompass up to two-thirds of the year), feasts celebrating significant figures in the faith (ranging from saints to important angels to early martyrs of Christianity who have regional significance) to the burning of traditional incense during worship (oftentimes being forms of incense that are native to North Africa and the Near East) are ancient practices that persist to the modern day in the orthodox churches of the region and places where those churches’ adherents have since moved to.

The churches of Europe are somewhat more syncretic, with many of their practices having their origins in a blending of ancient Christian practices and the practices of the ancient pagan faiths from across Europe. While most of the pre-Christian religions of Europe are poorly documented, many Eastern Orthodox and Catholic practices are rather different from those of the churches of North Africa and the Near East, and some practices, ranging from yule logs to maypoles, can be traced back to the pre-Christian religions of Europe. While the Eastern Orthodox churches are arguably more traditional, even they have some practices unknown to even the orthodox churches of North Africa and the Near East.

More modern churches, such as the Anglican and various Protestant denominations, have more modern practices that are markedly different even from the European denominations they split from centuries ago. While practices such as baptism, confession, and holy communion persist even in these modern Christian churches (though even these ancient practices are less ritualistic and solemn than they are in old churches), most of the traditional fasting and feasting is an uncommon practice except among individual believers.

evolution of christianity

Particularly modern Christian practices, ranging from Mexico’s famous Dia de Los Muertos festivities to the intense passion plays of the Philippines where penitents are willing crucified in emulation of Jesus, are far more modern, oftentimes being the results of blending beliefs and practices very different from the faith’s roots in the Middle East. But even these traditions, though oftentimes seemingly unusual, are still devotions of the same Christian faith that have persisted through two thousand years.

An Introduction to Christianity

If you live anywhere in the western world, you have undoubtedly heard of Christianity. In fact, this religion has touched virtually every part of the world today. However, many people do not know much about it unless they were raised in a church organization. This can lead to a great deal of confusion for those who can only speculate, particularly when you consider that Christianity itself is split into a number of different types of religious celebrations and beliefs.

According to some research, it is the largest religious group in the world with more than two billion people professing to be Christians. The beliefs that guide these people may be drastically different though because there are over thirty-four thousand denominations within the classification of Christianity. Some of these may be virtually unrecognizable to those of other Christian groups.

The history of the religion traces back thousands of years and has the same roots as Judaism and Islam. All three of these religious groups originated in the Middle East and trace their ancestry to Abraham, who was called out by the one true god to follow him and quit believing in the multiple gods that the people of the time believed in.

The first five books of the bible and the old testament stories and prophets are all an integral part of Judaism. The split occurred some two thousand years ago when some of the members of the Jewish community began to worship Jesus Christ as their savior. Many of the Jews did not believe that he was the messiah they had been waiting for and reject the notion of it to this day.

He performed many miracles and there are records of his life recorded in the new testament of the bible. The churches that were formed in various areas had representatives that communicated with one another and they have many of the same basic interpretations of the holy word.

However, there have been many different schools of thought as to how it should be interpreted. In fact, the religion of Islam sprouted up a few hundred years after the start of Christianity. They promote the belief and worship of the one true god rather than worshiping a man who believed in god.

illustration of jesus christ

The movement has spread around the world and divisions continue to take place within the Christian community as to what is and is not considered the right method of practice. For instance, there is a church group that split because some members believed that music was sinful while the others thought that it was a great part of a worship service.

Many different groups have formed due to prophets and those with insight who believed that the current system of worship was lacking in some way. Due to the vast number of worshipers and the varying beliefs, the religion is complex to trace, particularly in the past few hundred years. However, it continues to be a major influence in virtually every aspect of the modern world and will continue to be.